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Church Vision

Wilderness Church's vision is simple: Love God, Love People.  Everything that God wants us to do falls under one or both of those things.  We feel that if we can live our lives by those two simple things, then our community can be changed and transformed.

Our Staff

The Wilderness Church staff is comprised of people from all across the country.  Duke Edwards is our Lead Pastor.  Andrew Masters and his wife Chelsea serve as our Associate Pastor, and both serve as the current Mission's Directors.  Aaron Hammer and his wife Chrissy, are our Youth Pastors.  Kelsey Breedlove serves as our Worship Leader


The Edwards Family

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Duke: I got saved 2 weeks before I turned 21. I knew absolutely nothing about God at all until then.  I had a good life with a good upbringing and good morals, and was successful in most things I did.  But still I could never find peace and purpose in my life until I found God. I love ministry and seeing people grow and become leaders.  I want to see people saved and lives transformed.  I enjoy being in the mountains and hunting, fishing, trapping, climbing, and just spending time with my family.

Beth: I grew up in church and attended that church my whole life until we left to pursue the ministry. I accepted Christ at youth camp and was baptized in the Holy Spirit a few years later. God is my sustenance. Beth enjoys photography, wildlife, and cooking.

Duke and Beth are U.S. Missionaries and church planters. They home school their four children McKenna, Collin, Joel, and Delaney.


Andrew and Chelsea Masters


I come from a long line of pastors. I am a fourth generation pastor along with my younger brother. I grew up in church but my faith was not always at the forefront of my life.  In high school and my first two years of college, I sought to fit in and remove myself from the typical pastor's child stigma.  After my second college in two years, I hit a wall.  I felt empty inside and decided that I wasn't going to return the school I had attended the previous year.   Over the next three years, God continued to mold me and shape me into the man He has called me to be.

My passion first and foremost is God and His work.  I love to help people realize their passions and show them that each unique thing that they enjoy can be a form of worship to God.   If I can paint Jesus in an accurate way that speaks to people where they are, I believe they will find Him irresistible.  I also love the outdoors, and snowboarding, camping, riding and working on motorcycles, and fly-fishing are just a few of my many interests.

I want to see Pinedale become a place that the work and presence of God are evident to all who enter the area.  By acting as ambassadors for Christ and sharing not only the Gospel, but our lives with the people of Sublette County, I believe that God will honor our efforts and more and more people will understand what Jesus did for them and do their best to live accordingly.